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Jefferson Elementary School District

Jefferson Elementary School District
101 Lincoln Ave, Daly City, California 94015
We serve pre-school through 8th grade students from four communities with wide socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity in San Mateo County.
Jefferson Elementary School District was established in 1866. As the population grew and shifted from the original Daly City-Colma concentration, new sites were acquired and schools were built in other parts of the District. At present, the District includes a state preschool, eleven elementary schools, three intermediate schools, a maintenance/warehouse unit and a District Office. These units are scattered throughout Daly City, Colma and Broadmoor, making it the largest complex in the community. The District serves approximately 6,000 students. More than 20 languages are represented, making the District truly international.
Our District Goals include:
Goal 1: Student Learning: Improve student learning outcomes and skills to prepare them for college and careers.
Goal 2: Professional Learning for all staff: Build upon a district culture that promotes professional learning opportunities for staff to learn, develop and master the skills necessary to educate JESD students to prepare them for college and careers and the recruitment and retention of qualified staff.
Goal 3: Positive School Climate: Provide a positive school climate for students, staff, and families which includes safe, secure, accessible, and efficient classrooms, facilities and grounds.
Goal 4: Community Engagement: Promote the district’s successes, challenges, and initiatives to better engage and encourage broader community involvement in all JESD schools.
Goal 5: Fiscal Prudence: Maintain and operate the District within a fiscally-prudent annual budget.

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